Our Story

Autumn Baby is a family business specialising in products that nurture you, your baby and nature. Autumn Baby was established in 2018 in the West of Ireland and began as a quest to develop innovative products for our own family.

We reached out to over one hundred parents to get their input on what they looked for in a specific babies product. The conclusion was clear, parents like us wanted the same outcome for our children- to grow up in a beautiful, pure and chemical-free world. To have the safest and best natural eco-friendly products without any hidden, harmful chemicals. Autumn baby products are made from organic cotton and bamboo meeting the strict OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and GOTS standards which ensures no harmful substances or dyes are used at any stage of production.

Our Autumn Baby Bandana bib is made from the best organic cotton and bamboo. We wanted to create and design a baby’s bib that is unique to the existing market. We looked at numerous materials for our bib and wanted the best for our children and for Autumn Baby’s customer.

We chose to make our bib using three layers. The first layer being organic cotton it is the ideal material for any baby, because it is the most soft, gentle and soothing against baby’s skin. The second layer is polar fleece. The third layer is Bamboo. Bamboo fiber is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-eczema and anti-bacterial. This is an enormous benefit to babies who suffer from allergies such as skin allergies or just sensitive skin may benefit from this because of its soft and fresh feel. Bamboo material absorbs water 3-4 times better than other fabrics and so is ideal for babies who suffer from reflux or who are drooling a lot from teething. Autumn Baby bib will ensure your babies clothes, chest and under chin stay dry. Our poppers are nickel free and can fit baby up to the age of three years old. The printing of our bibs are water based.

Autumn baby’s bib differs to the traditional bandana bib design. The neckline of our Bandana bib makes us unique to other bibs on the market. The round tubular feature of the neckline is packed with bamboo to absorb any moisture away from baby’s skin. No more bib rotation or bunching of material up under babies chin.

We hope you love your new purchase from Autumn baby. We would like to hear your feedback and ideas so please do share any thoughts you have with us.

The materials used in my products for sale are GOTS standard and OEKO TEX. The logos for these standards are below.


Love Autumn Baby x